A boyfriend for my wife

I can't eyeroll hard enough, as a woman. Especially because soooo often, the bigger the cock, the worse the sex. It's not all about size, and there are too many men who assume that size is enough, and then they don't develop any technique or skill.

As someone in an ENM relationship, there's no sex that can compete with my sex with my husband... Because there's no competition. I wouldn't call the sex with other partners better or worse... I'd just call it different. No sex with anyone else could possibly make me value intimacy with my husband any less. And sex with my husband has no bearing on my sex with a partner. They're completely unrelated and don't affect each other. And anyway, doesn't everyone have good sex days AND bad sex days with the same partner? It goes for all partners. Sex with a new/secondary partner isn't destined to always or even often be mind-blowing. It's often just typical sex. No reason to put that shit on a pedestal.

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