Boyfriends and branch swinging

All strategy is amoral because it is strategy. It's what you do with that strategy, the intent you have and the outcomes delivered which effectively define if its moral or immoral.

I can say strategising a way to nuke your family is amoral, because it's just strategy. And I may not actually carry out the plan. From a philosophical viewpoint you could argue this is a "seed of evil" and even "contemplating evil" is inherently in and of itself, an act of evil. How I see it in logical terms is that IF no adverse outcomes result from the mental masturbation, then the ideas are not "evil enough" to constitute being called evil. If you fantasise about killing people, but never kill anyone or have a desire to kill people, are you evil? No. Are you a little disturbed in the head? Most definitely.

But then when the outcome of my actions is that I actually go ahead and nuke the land where your family live and the land is uninhabitable, you all die and none of you are the next Hitler's guess what? My actions became immoral. Plotting against you was amoral. Annihilating you from existence in the absence of a greater good is immoral. Distinguish that.

Bringing it back to this discussion, because I fear the lesser minds will get lost if I keep this to abstract: fucking a random chick who has a boyfriend is amoral. Whether you know she has a boyfriend or not you have no commitment to that boyfriend, and you are only using her for sex (and vice versa.) The boyfriend isn't alpha enough and the woman is immoral enough to go behind his back. Lying to him not to improve his life, but only to deceive him for self-gain is again, duplicitous and hence immoral. When marriage and kids are involved however, and you know the bitch is married and you facilitate her bullshit, I'd draw a line in the sand and call that shit immoral. Why? Because now you are fucking up a family. It's not all you, it's the husband's fault, it's her fault too - but you are the catalyst and you, morally, are held responsible too. She is not cheating on him with thin air is she? Hydrogen isn't going to give her a fucking orgasm.

I'm what many would consider dark triad but I'm under no delusions about anything. I don't have to justify to myself that my action isn't really bad, in order to do a bad action. I am capable of evil to a point where I am fully aware my action is evil, I just don't care that it is evil. I am not bullshitting myself, or you or whoever. I fully accept the immorality of an action which could be logically contrived as evil/harmful/obscene/detrimental etc. If I do something bad, I know I'm doing something bad, I just don't give a fuck it was bad. I am not going to sit there and call it AMORAL because I can't accept to myself I have a dark side that can do bad things. If I do evil I commit to it. If I do good, I commit to that too. I don't hamster about my own actions. Don't hamster shit away as being AMORAL because you don't want to deal with the reputation/negative rep being IMMORAL comes with. I get tired of people pointing to the sidebar, knowing they are ruining another's family or some shit and going "sexual strategy is amoral." Yeah in an abstract construct it is. But when you are a significant ingredient in causing other people mental pain, causing kids to grow up in broken homes and bla bla bla and you want to say "hey that was amoral" I'd like to know what your definition of "IMMORAL" is. IMO, you are deluding yourself and have no proper set of morals or understanding of morality. You have written the whole concept off. To you, everything is amoral, good and evil don't exist - that way you can do fucked up shit and take no responsibility for it. I get that angle too, in fact it's what I think I see the most on TRP.

Being the outlet/tool used by a woman to destroy her own family is immoral.

Get it?

Weapons are amoral. Killing is immoral (without a greater good.)

It's dumb logic like yours that brings the subreddit down, people have to waste time helping you flesh out a concept whilst you attack them because you can't see it or don't want to see it. I have no interest in changing your ideas or your code of morality or whatever. I'm not a dumbass, it won't work and I don't care. I just want to set the record on this incorrect "sexual strategy is amoral read the damn sidebar" bullshit that keeps cropping up. Yes, getting laid may be amoral - how you do that may be amoral - but the implications that may have (home wrecking) that shit is immoral however you want to cut it.

Get your hamster, pin him up to a wall and punch him in the temple till he dies. That way we can all have a much nicer, to the point, no bullshit conversation. Toodles.

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