Boyfriends Sued Over Man’s Death From Silicone Genital Injections

Tank and Dylan ran popular Tumblr accounts chronicling their relationship and sexual exploits, and Tank’s death caused an uproar among their fans and online community. The five men had been living together in a polyamorous relationship in Seattle at the time of Tank’s death, with Dylan acting as the “master” and the others serving as his submissives, his “pups.” Tank and the other pups had agreed to follow Dylan’s orders as part of dating him.

The five men worked hard to make their bodies as large as possible, lifting weights for multiple hours a day and eating vast amounts. In pursuit of a sexual fetish for huge genitals, they would inject their penises and testicles with saline to temporarily enlarge them. They would later graduate to using silicone to permanently engorge their genitals. The latter procedure is both illegal and dangerous, and it proved lethal for Tank. He died of a pulmonary embolism induced by his injections in October 2018.

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