"Boys will be boys" is bullshit

So in women spaces (That is what TrollX is, you may be allowed here, but this isn't your space, fuck isn't my space, but I like to hang here and learn and use my energy to shut down idiots so they don't have to waste their time and energy) they may say "Fuck men" because they know who they are talking about, all the men they want to say "Fuck men" to. They don't need to qualify it every time for fragile men who whinge about "Not all men".

And note, when I made those comments, I said nothing about "not all men." In fact, I agreed with the common sentiments of this sub, which is that plenty of dudes are being terrible people, and that I understand why women hate them. I'm just saying that holding the opinion "most men are shit" is man-hating. It's justified, so I don't have a problem with it, but it's still man-hating. And nobody here will admit that it is, either.

What do you think?

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