Bracketology with Joe Lunardi (2/27)

Virginia clears the first round, plays Indiana close but pulls away in the second half, trounces Harvard again (because they upset Roy and the boys in the first round), and beats Baylor.

Then comes the dramatic rematch against Michigan State. This time, the pack line is ready. Valentine and Trice go 20% from the floor, and 5% from 3. Anderson posts 20 pts, Perrantes with 10 assists. Joe Harris is in the crowd and sheds a single tear when Darion Atkins pounds his own chest and points to him in the crowd as the shot clock disintegrates and Brogdon throws the ball up in the air. 64-59. As he shakes Tony's hand, Izzo thinks: "how did I ever let that Tony Bennett get the best of me?"

Final Four. Duke. The first half is a total shit show... Duke slamming in point after point during transition. Okafor and K exchange a smile (well, a smirk) as they head off court, leading 49-35. The UVA locker room is tense at halftime. The season could end, right here, right fucking now. Tony is emotionless. He says one thing and one thing only: "Go out there and play our game. Let's slow it down." Perrantes checks the ball in, and Duke doesn't score another point until 10 minutes remain in the second half. UVA has posted a 17-0 run on the backs of Brogdon and Anderson to put them up by 3. Hell, even Nolte finds his way to score 2. As the clock expires, K shakes Tony's hand and says "well, you got us." Tony's response: "Just barely."

Then it's Kentucky. The Fucking Show. WCS stretches his ungodly wingspan during warmups, Towns nods his head in approval to Karlito on his shoulder, and Cal crosses his arms complacently and glances over to the Wahoo side of the court. Tony has the boys in the standard layup drill. Whenever he sees the boys looking over to the Kentucky half he simply points two fingers towards his own eyes and silently mouths the word "focus". The tip. The show. The Defence. The Offence. The System. After 40 minutes of sweat, tears, and even a little bit of blood, the teams shake hands to conclude the game. Tony and Cal shake hands, and each say the same thing in unison: "Good Game."

A man can dream, right?

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