Brad and his cloud of LIES

Oh my god dude you didn’t read what I wrote at all you wrote back way too fast.


Am I calling you names? You’re proving yourself to be a Dick when I’m trying to just show you maybe you’re wrong on some fronts.

Also, I’m not a nic brain as the level I use is so low I’d have to smoke 6 packs a day to compete with the low dosage I use. I’m also 32 so nicotine for me is relatively safe as nicotine in a health male alone is comparable to caffeine. Doesn’t do much .

The FDA is absolutely political , as the heads of it are usually appointed.

I’m the impossible one to please?

I’ve cited you the sources from the horses mouth and you don’t care.

Did your ex vape and then cheat on you?

You don’t have to do it so what the fuck is your problem ?

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