Bragging about being good at math

I used to teach the 'bad kids' math, I wasn't the top kid in class, I didn't hang in the library or play chess (back then) and I barely got any A's. Although my old 'friend' used to get top marks (not the same as the other kid) and every time around end of year report once I was over his and my dad was putting me down for my marks, he didn't realise my friend was not only talented at maths, but also was good a sport, not only that but him and his friends were playing WoW and that. Last time I talked to saw him was the Employee of the Month for KFC, now he is in Trades. The prick copied me, I dropped out because the teachers didn't give me the right classes and fucked up my schedule. I wanted a trade apprenticeship and an art class. I was put into mixed and various classes of different YEAR LEVELS, I got advanced math which required me to do about 3-5 questions per class, some of the top done a page or two. (The other top kid) Last seen as a Deli Clerk in the local supermarket, he is okay though. Anyways I was missing classes, some of my friends at the time weren't really bothered by it. 11th year I had to catch up and try an figure out htf electives and that works. UNiversity etc; So I stopped, Immediately joined a trade gang for a family member for a while, it was cool but I couldn't see the light, people were 'getting sick/drunk' and the usual fuckery. Anyways I was a supervisor and doing all year work quite often, It was a new company so things went well for a while. My car broke down and I ended up getting lifts. After a while I couldn't concentrate on work and after work, we were getting overtime with NO EXTRA, and I wasn't getting paid alot. I ended up doing alot of work that wasn't mine fully, but it doesn't matter now. I have worked various jobs here and there. I enjoy hard work but I don't see why I'd break my back over it. Ah well, FU T!

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