Brain dump: Emotional filtering, and on-the-job learning for therapists

Of course you will be deeply frustrated with the therapists if you think that you must try to make them understand you.

Sorry for the double reply but would you mind explaining this a bit more? I think it's a given that I would have to explain my experience at least to some extent. They're not in my head after all.

I do not think I should have to explain to a therapist with a special interest in trauma what dissociation is, how to help me when I do it (because I don't know!), or the basics of how parts work (because again, I don't know, and she does parts work so it seems like she should know). But I don't honestly know if that's a fair expectation. For instance, maybe dissociation looks very different in different people? I have very rarely had any kind of therapy that helps me, and it's very possible that at this point I am searching for reasons to be skeptical.

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