Brain is so large that he has veins in his hair

I hope no one downvotes me for this, but I think I can add to the conversation. I feel weird mentioning karma because it's only internet points but I don't think it's the amount of upvotes you give out, or do I think it's the amount of downvotes you receive. I've accumulated (this is my only proof) a little over 1mil upvotes, collectively. And Reddit turned that into 160k karma. I've seen this with other content creators. There's others with much higher posts but still little karma, all active users including me. I believe the turn around rate is more complicated than some of the 'theories' put out. Or, you're right, I don't upvote enough, or I have 840k downvotes. In that case, I should probably quit lol. I don't think it's that tho, it's a long running mystery it seems. Also, I don't think it's important. Good content is memorable to look back on your profile, and keep at it, the karma builds.

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