Braincels Quarantine MEGATHREAD

First of all, that is not a safe space, but free speech. However it is not that bad as you see here on inceltears. Go to braincels and see for yourself. It is sub with circlejerking memes. Actual suicide threads receive positive feedback. I'm on mobile now, but I can link you some threads later.

Also I can tell you something from my life. Around april/may this year I was very suicidal. I couldn't find real info decribing ways how to suicide. Suicide topic is muted a lot. I then went on some tor online boards and found what I was looking for, huge articles describing real info about suicide, including rates of success and how to higher the success rate, also human psychology. It turned out that success rate is not that high, many times you will just fuck up your health and go in debt because of surgeries or damaged property. And you are unlikely to commit suicide again, that how human mind works. This was the info that made me realize I shouldn't do it, not some 'don't do it man' threads or some boring uninterested people on suocide line.

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