A brand new smartwatch with unique features for the price of a low-end Casio. What could go wrong? (x-post /r/DontFundMe)

Smartwatches are really hard for me. I researched it a lot can't find one that has all the features i want, plus looks good. The closest i came was the Huawei Watch 2 Classic although they sadly made the Watch 2 much more sporty looking than the Watch 1. I haven't seen anything think that was a good choice since the smartwatch category is primarily sporty watches. There is the older Huawei Watch 1 which looked more like a normal watch. Fossil also makes the Fossil Q Founder which is their smartwatch model, and they make a bunch of their regular watch models as "Hybrid" watches, which is a normal watch with a few smart features added, like the Fossil Q Grant, all their watches with a "Q" means smartwatch.

Samsung also makes their Samsung Gear S3 which is also one of the better more normal looking smartwatches, they make a classic model on the left, and a frontier model seen on the right. Everyone in the community seem to like the watches except that it uses Samsungs own smartwatch operating system which people say is inferior, has less features, and especially apps compared to android wear. I haven't owned a smartwatch myself because even though it's neat tech when i sit down and think about it i can't really see any feature a smartwatch has that i would actually need which is also why smartwatches haven't really taken off in the mainstream. Like oh you can have actual Google Maps on your watch? That's cool except i would always prefer my phone that i have on me more than i have my watch on etc. etc.

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