Brandon Stroud of Uproxx explains how convoluted the Becky/Ronda story has been

Becky is a hypocrite and so are her fans. She did the same thing she complained Charlotte "did" during the summer.

Charlotte like a good friend, returns and saves Becky from Carmella; Carmella bitches to Paige about the attack and PAIGE gives Charlotte a chance to be in the title match (This is important because Charlotte never asked for the match); Charlotte defeats the Champion fair and square and it's added to the match; Charlotte defeats both Carmella and Becky fair and square and BECKY, like a sore loser, attacks Charlotte after the match.

Charlotte never asked for a title match, she was added because Paige wanted to screw Carmella who was bitching all the time, Becky gets mad at Charlotte for whatever reason and instead of accepting she was a loser she decided to take out her frustrations on her best friend.

Royal Rumble 2019. Loses her Championship match to Asuka, then she convinces the only Irish man there to let her in the match (Collusion anyone?) and defeats Charlotte who wrestled 50 minutes in total.

Becky literally wins a match she wasn't supposed to be in, steals the Main Event of WrestleMania from her ex-best friend but somehow Becky herself and her fans thinks she's a good person and that she deserves it.

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