Brass Bell that has been passed within our family for over 100 years. Does anyone have a clue about the origin?

That is a rare beauty. Ornate design from what was Constantinople. You can see the etchings reflect the era of around 1850s. I've seen these before and they are just stunning. These were hand forged by only the most skilled craftsman. A skill that was learnt over the course of a lifetime. Essentially it fits over the index finger and is used to firmly rub a woman's clit until she sprayed like a defensive squid. A small electrical current from copper wiring and ceramic pots could also be out through so that the woman that was being finger banged by what is correctly known as "Robocops pussy hammer" could enjoy the electrical energy whilst she was getting rubbed out on her vag and reach an even higher climax that resulted in a jizzing out a turd at the same time.

That is a real treasure. Keep a hold of it. And if I was to put an exact date and price on it, I'd say 1835 to maybe 1842. And it's probably valued at approximately $300.

A lovely piece.

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