Brave: Are there any plans to restructure into a nonprofit/not-for-profit? If not, why not?

Yeah, I totally agree. The think overall, most users don't care about privacy or for-profit vs nonprofit or whatever other structural issues, but I also think that Brave, in addition to usage by general users, has a specific demographic that they rely on. I think that the demographic of users that care enough to switch from Chrome in the first place will be much more likely to care about whether the company developing their software is a nonprofit or a for-profit (in addition to many other areas that they're more likely to care about). At least from my time talking with people in the Firefox/Mozilla community, Mozilla being a nonprofit seems to be a significant reason they trust Mozilla. And this might not be a correct assumption, but I feel like Mozilla and Brave both rely on and pursue that shared demographic.

I really hate seeing the animosity between Mozilla users and Brave users online when we could both do so much more working together in cooperation. But let's be honest, most of the people frothing over that animosity are "fanboys", not typical users I imagine.

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