Brazil's electoral court rejects Bolsonaro election challenge, also fined the parties in Bolsonaro's coalition to the tune of 22.9 million reais for what the court described as bad faith litigation.

Was about to reply with a giant comparison of John Paul Jones, who was probably a horrible human being who in addition to likely being a self aggrandizing jerk who didn't inspire much loyalty in his subordinates who consorted with prostitutes without caring at all about their age, he may have raped a girl while commanding a Russia ship who was working as a child prostitute (Catherine the Great thought he did it and prevented him from ever receiving another commision with the Swedes or the Danes after she exiled him from Russia, other members of the court including Potemkin were much less certain and thought it could have been a false accusation created by British officers also in the Russian navy at the time, either way Jones admitted to paying the 10 yr old girl for sex as he had known the girl to be a 12 year old prostitute [and that is like so much better, right everyone? /s]), who was not the same person as the lionized American legacy of Admiral John Paul Jones father of the US Navy who was not any more piratical than his contemporaries, E.G. the British navy who would stop random merchant vessels and impress merchant sailors into british naval service at gun point, or an older equivalent still in the golden age of sail, Francis Drake, who participated in a massacre of Irish people before becoming a privateer and getting himself labelled a straight pirate by the Spanish for what he did to Spanish shipping.

Then I realized you typed you comment in a specific arrangment so I googled it and saw it was a song I never heard Carry on then, but the point remains John Paul Jones is reverred in American military tradition and naval heritage. If Arnold had remained an American Patriot he would have been similarly honored.

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