BREAKING: All the 12 participating clubs will be EXCLUDED from the Champions League and their domestic leagues for the 2021/22 season. (Source: @abc_deportes)

UEFA will fold. Their reasons for objecting are purely monetary and the ESL has a lot of money. The ESL will go ahead, eventually the long term members will start having conditions for removal like twice being bottom or something. In a decade people will wonder what the fuss was about, they love the ESL, it's the best playing the best every week what's not to like.

Then they'll expand the roster. With no UCL there'll be more clubs that need some form of Europe. It'll be four sets of ten or something. Eventually it'll basically be the UCL except with somewhat permanent members. The most successful will form their own Europe Ultra league. The Super league will ban clubs that play in the Ultra league. And the world will keep turning.

Or this could be a huge bluff, UEFA will give the clubs the money and quali places they want, and this all blows over in a fortnight. Who knows.

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