Breaking Bad Economics: Walt's transformation into Heisenberg was caused by the US Healthcare system.

This is such nonsense.

Walt then had an offer from Grey Matter to pay for all of his healthcare costs because he really was entitled to it as a founder of the company (not to mention the company was worth billions).

He was entitled to nothing. Gretchen and her husband felt guilty about the way his involvement with their company ended (the show implies she cheated on Walt [or left him for Elliot], and Walt selling his shares before the company made it big.) It was entirely THEIR guilt, not his entitlement that leads to the possibility of using Grey Matter money for health care. He was too proud to accept their pity offering that he saw as a way for them to alleviate their guilt.

But really, would Walt have been better off in other countries? Directly north of us, in Canada, there would've been a waiting period to see the kind of specialists who would've helped Walt.

Uh...yeah, obviously. The waiting would not have really mattered. So long as the waiting didn't result in his condition being exacerbated (which in most cases it does not, the more serious the higher priority they are given) then he would have been better off, because, after his decision to refuse Grey Matter's offer, in the Canadian system he could have still afforded specialist, and in the American system he could not. Source: multiple relatives who have had Cancer in Canada and not become drug dealers.

This person obviously never even watched Breaking Bad, because despite the fact that you learn that Walt builds a meth empire for various reasons, the most prominent reason comes out of his own very mouth in the finale. His excuse to Skylar, Walt Jr. and Holly was that he did it for the family. No, he did it because he liked it.

Yes, by the end of it. But he doesn't start off KNOWING he would like it. He turns down the offer because of pride, and turns to crime to pay off his medical bills (a cost he incurs because of the set up of the US Healthcare system) and then CONTINUES cooking because he liked it. He didn't start cooking because he liked it, any more than I smoked my first cigarette because I liked it.

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