BREAKING: Debbie Wasserman Schultz no longer speaking at convention.

He won't. The old fart already knew the odds were rigged against him and he just bent over and took it.

Even with the DNC colluding against him, he still ran a shit campaign and lost by 3 million votes. He's gonna go down in history books as the text book example of how to waste 220 million dollars and run a completely rudimentary campaign under the guise of a revolution. Nearly all of his campaign spending went right into the hands of the establishment.

Even without the DNC, Bernie still ran a shit campaign where he spent ludicrous amounts of money in low population states like Wyoming, Wisconsin, and Montana while appeal to the most worthless demographic of voters: college aged liberals. He's a socialist nobody with illusions of grandeur who proved time and time again throughout the length of the primaries that he had no clue how to run a campaign. Bernie did, however, know how to suckle the teet of campaign donations and as soon as his new found, wealthy lifestyle was threatened, he went into full on career protection mode and hopped on the Hilldawg wagon. He didn't want to commit career suicide by defying the DNC.

He won't recant his endorsement because a rescission would mean no more political career which would in turn mean no more work for Berno. The dude is a career politician with no tangible skills and, like most career politicians, is completely worthless once out of the public sector.

Bernie had a couple good ideas, I'll give him that, but like most people of his ilk, had no idea what to do with those great ideas. His "revolution" was nothing more than a poorly run campaign while his platform consisted of the most prototypical socialist talking points that Hilldawgs been shucking around for the past 25 years. He was utterly basic in every way but convinced the useful idiots that he was unique.

In the end though, he is just a cuck. He was a cuck, he is a cuck, and he will always be a cuck. Because he knew what they were doing to him and instead of screaming from the mountain top and taking the fight directly to their door step, he Mitt Romney'd all over the place while laughing all the way to the bank.

So fuck him. He embodies everything about politicians that has got us into the situation we're in today and I can't wait for him to get dragged down with the rest of the system for letting the DNC fuck him like the pussy he is.

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