Breaking: Two Deputies Shot at Compton Pax

Indifference to two individuals being gunned down for their profession, which you implicitly and explicitly benefit from, is, in fact, a lack of compassion/empathy.

You make it seem like a cop's job is the same thing as a bread baker's or something. It's not even close. A cop's job is to keep the status quo in place. The status quo is racism, sexism, inequality, etc. Me being indifferent to this story isn't crazy when you see a cop's purpose in society. It's a crazy idea to you because you don't want to believe what their position in society is. It's to keep certain people down and keep others at the top, all through the means of violence and the government and a facade of laws we agree to.

The idea that cops are doing anything but enforcing laws we all agree to (through continued residency) is ridiculous and the notion that support for these laws is a vote for "white supremacy" fallacious.

We were brought up with the laws that were imposed onto us, and we think of new laws based off these laws that were imposed on us from birth. Our moral compass is heavily, heavily influenced on these laws. Laws, which almost everyone even on the right, are seeing as being heavily racist and masculinist. Yet somehow, you don't see this, when we even have someone like Donald Trump admitting to it existing.

I mean, really, LA county is not majority white, is not governed by a white majority government, and is not policed by a white majority. Who is dictating this white supremacist policy? Mestizos?

I encourage you to educate yourself and read this essay by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor entitled Black Faces in High Places.

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