Breaking the vacuum - The Chinese and Russians are planning on ripping a hole in the fabric of spacetime this year with 100-PW lasers resulting in the first energy (light) to matter conversions.

That's just crazy talk! Aliens?!

Seriously I can assure you most adamantly that I am of planet Earth and I am NOT an alien. I swear!

My species does NOT have an underground colony on Mars, honest.

Umm... I mean... when I said "my species" above, I of course mean you and I, because just like you, I too am a human.

ALSO: Speaking of user names... that is quite the gruesome user name you have there!? Are you sure that's the kind of user name you want to use on subreddits like this?

(I hear there's quite a few kids who check this subreddit out! Unless of course... you are a kid yourself... in which case I see some meetings in your future... in which your parents are called in to talk with the school psychologist/counselor about some of your essay title choices!)

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