Breakup and feeling worthless

I have been in physically advisor relationships and the overwhelming feeling of guilt I feel is all to familiar. She keeps emailing me like she has an agenda, but I feel like it is just to insult and manipulate me more. For example I am a photographer and she let me take some artistic nudes in the woods, which I don't plan of using but she has sent me two emails like this:

As you know, I’ve always respected you as an artist but I’m struggling to move forward with these concerns racing through my head.

I understand we had a falling out just last night but as a professional to another, I must bring these concerns to your attention. To start, I cherish every moment we shared together. I placed all of my trust into your hands and verbally agreed to pose for you in the woods. But that’s just my concern, it was a verbal agreement. You must remember I asked you to keep those photos private for yourself. I did not want my body and image to be displayed for the public. With this in mind, I am requesting for the second time my photos to be taken down. The platforms you chose to advertise me on even states in their Terms that nudity/partial nudity is a violation so this causes me even more stress. I also feel uncomfortable that you have used me in a banner to promote yourself without my written consent, especially since you have other models to choose from. The root of my fear is purpose: what do you plan to do with these photos? This has caused great stress for me and I’d like to know for my own safety and peace of mind.
I’m hoping you respect my wishes and take down those photos. I’ve always known you to remain professional regardless of how a personal relationship ends. I want nothing but success for you but I also want safety for myself.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email.

I hope to hear from you soon.

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