Breast is best vs fed is best?!

This exactly. I feel like such a shit human being because my baby is rejecting my breastmilk and I can't make enough milk. This is the worst rejection pain I have ever felt. The breast braggers here make me feel like shit, TBH. I know it's great that some people are pumping a quart of milk a day and have babies that love breastfeeding, and I shouldn't hold it against them and they have every right to be happy about it and share that, but when I'm struggling to eek out half an ounce and my baby is screaming and scratching me and hitting me, and I haven't slept all night because I was trying to pump and feed my baby, and I am coming here looking for help, it makes me feel like a failure and a horrible mother. Of course everyone knows breast is best. I don't know anyone who debates that at this point. I know I am not doing the optimal thing. I fucking know. Yes, I shouldn't feel ashamed. But. I. do. because breast is best. So, what is the point of insisting to women who have trouble breastfeeding that we admit breast is best? The message between the lines there is that you are not best. Does it really hurt you if I feel like fed is best for me? Does that negate the benefits of bfing? Not really. Does it make me feel like maybe I don't have to slink away in shame and hide that I have to give my baby formula because I can't feed her? Yep.

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