Brendan Fraser wins Best Actor

Wow. What a piece that you wrote here. Thank you for sharing. Strong.

I’m happy for you and your daughter and your husband. How wonderful that a movie can open a door so important for someone and create a path to discuss such a difficult theme and topic.

For me, I empathize with Fraser’s character. I have felt “unworthy” and it’s safe to say I began to rely on alcohol. I would drink nightly to attempt to forget the sadness I felt from being apart from my children. At times I would drink so much. At times I began to wonder if I would wake up the next day; then I would pour myself another glass. I drank almost every night for about 5 years. My side would ache where the liver is located. I just couldn’t take it. When I asked for my divorce from my ex wife, she told me she would never take the kids away from me because I was such a great dad. I spent all my extra time with them and I was a very hands on dad. They were my best friends. I loved them with everything within me. As I went through the divorce proceedings she reneged on her statement and she fought to take them from me. She won. Her parents have a ton of money and her lawyer won for her. I flat out lost. I’m 6 years removed from the divorce and separation from my children. I still call them daily. I see them a couple times a year. It’s still painful. I still have many nights where I can’t take the pain. But I am no longer trying to drink myself to death. Fraser’s character used food to kill himself; I used alcohol. He chose to be with his lover and thus left his daughter behind. I chose to ask for a divorce to try and live a life without constant anger and lack of love, and due to losing in the divorce proceedings I no longer had my children with me. I felt so moved watching the film. I connected with the character. Hard to watch but touching. Anyways…

Thanks for sharing.

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