Bret Hart: "XFL players will be treated much better than wrestlers, despite wrestling funding it."

Ummm it's been that way forever.

Keep in mind, chances are things are a bit better today then 20 years ago. There's a great story on the WWE Networks Story Time where Trips talks about Mick Foley and how he traveled. Dude went about looking for any and every way to save money when on the road. Still everyone from the WWF(E), WCW, the Indies had the boys paying for their own road expenses. This is why a bunch of the boys traveled together, hell one of the first big kayfabe breakers was when Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Iron Sheik got arrested in Jersey together in 1987. Both had been feuding with one another at the time, and it being the 80's and Iron Sheik they had Pot and Coke on them.

Still the deal is from the WWF(E), WCW, the Indies? Travel is on the wrestler to pay for it. I have heard somewhere that things are better now, they do try and get discounts going with hotels and rental car places. Flights from what I heard they pay for if it's an overseas trip. Food and the like still comes out of the wrestlers pocket.

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