Brewery owner boots sexist customer, unleashes must-read rant about women in the service industry

My friend did catering and his worst customers were always middle aged women on a night out. You think some remarks like tits and ass are bad? We are talking grabbing his ass, grabbing his clothes and lifting them up, making inappropriate sexual remarks and flirtation, and yelling wooohoooo! and laughing and mocking the poor guy. No one bats an eye.

I used to flat near a popular young clubbing area. Sometimes I'd go shopping and walk past a McDonalds during one of the bigger nights. I'd even be walking in the most bland hoodie and trackies imaginable. Female catcalling is much worse than any example I've seen on this forum. Drunk girls at a maccas on a night out, they get in your way, they start dancing around you, "HEY BOY, COME HERE", "WHY DONT YOU COME" and when you keep walking and ignore them they get shitty, "HEY IM TALKING TO YOU, HEY", and finally "DICK!".

I hear this a lot too, "guys will catcall you when you're alone, but when you're with your boyfriend they don't". When I'm hanging around with my girlfriend I see the exact same phenomenon. Girls just staring from far away. But when I'm alone? I get catcalled, not as much as women, but it does happen, and its worse than any example I've seen on this forum. So when women are with a group, they see their guy friends not getting harassed, so they assume its a woman only problem.

Both men and women are blind to this issue and that's because both genders only see things from their own perspective.

Women get harassed and they just assume that its only guys that do it, and only women are on the receiving end of it. Well when you only hang around women, you are only going to see things from a woman's perspective.

Its the same for guys, their guy friends are polite people, and they don't see the harassment that goes on against women. So they either don't have the opportunity to do anything about it, or they assume it doesn't exist.

So while I totally understand the point, what I don't like is when women turn around and go "see? fucking MEN, why don't you do something about it". Many women just assume its this systemic problem that exists among all guys.

Well most guys don't do this, and most of their friends don't this. Its a large minority of guys who go around pissing women off, and doing it at a very high frequency. Likewise, there are a small amount of crazy women, going around constantly egging each other on and harassing other men. Women never see this.

How would you react if I said the same thing "Harassment happens because toxic femininity" "Fucking women, is it so hard to control your hormones for just 5 minutes?", "When you're female friends are harassing other guys, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT". It sounds very condescending, and its not a surprise why nobody listens.

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