Brexit - can you fix stupid?

Just saying your flawed history syllabus means Irish people know more about Empire from a British perspective than you do.

It's rather arrogant to even assume you know as much about British history as the British tbh

Not knowing about your closest neighbor which was claimed by the king for 800 years and was part of the country since the flight of the earls and Elizabeth Is defeat of the O'Neills, is one of the most potent symbols of everything that was right and wrong with empire,the UK's detestable actions and inactions during the famine, a famine that lead to the modern concept of terrorism under the Fenian Brotherhood and the Irish Republican Brotherhood,

Aye but would benefit would knowing this

the fact the country is still represented in the royal crest,

I doubt the average brit either knows nor cares about that, it's not as if Ireland isn't a separate independent state. Legally speaking the royal crest is meaningless.

and none of that mentioning the history of Northern Ireland, the state sponsored terror under Thatcher, the reign of true terrorism the whole sorry situation wrought in both directions, which was only solved by the GFA.

Plenty of British people used to march with us on troops out rallies, thousand, and they took place regularly. The labour movement stood firmly behind the Irish during the troubles, it was British pressure and British advocacy that worked to release the Maguire boys, the Guilford four and the Birmingham six free and that in the face of a non-stop bombing campaign.

The vast majority of british people supported the troops out of Ireland as a result - according to the British survey of attitudes.

Stuart Maconie's history of modern Britain in 50 songs has a chapter on Ireland and it's relationship to British music, Elvis Costello's Olivers army, Paul McCartney's Ireland for the Irish, Dexys Dance Stance, the smiths the Queen is dead, the sex pistols God save the Queen were all made by Irish people. The lyrics to all those have to be listened to from an Irish perspective. The UK has always had an anti establishment streak because unsurprisingly the establishment fucked them over too.

Every country has a long and complex history, Ireland does, India does, South Africa does. No one's suggesting kids should know the details of every High King, to be able to recite the tales of the Fianna, to be able to cite the Viking raids that took place and be able to tell when they founded Dublin or why they gave it that name, but having absolutely no clue is pretty pathetic.

It isn't taught then people aren't going to know about it. Most people are interested in movies, cars, holidays, partners,raising families, work football, rugby and other aspects of modern life

I think you'd have more success talking to people than ranting at them .

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