Brexit damage to UK economy will outweigh wage gains, study finds | UK news

The vaunted "experts" have consistently been saying that it is the uncertainty that is most harmful in the short term.

yes in the short term - but there is material damage in the medium and long term from actual effects of leaving, which can't be dismissed as people 'talking the country down'. besides - there was a very limited amount of 'planning' that could be done and certainly not any that would have avoided the uncertainty - it was a sure thing no matter what.

But blaming Cameron might disrupt the cosy coalition of classist, snobby, venomously abusive Remainers

I always laugh at the idea that somehow the hurt feelings of the brexiters is somehow worth highlighting in the context of the material and long term damage they have just done to the economy. Don't like being called an ignorant moron? Boo-fucking-hoo. Are people being a bit snobby to you because you appeared to have voted along with the uneducated (or simply are)? Boo-

Anything that doesn't reinforce your toxic narrative, you downvote

Q: In 0216 how do you tell someone if someone is full of crap? A: They will always use the term 'narrative' everytime they don't like what other people have to say.

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