Brexit news: British expats given just days to leave Spain after residency row

I am perfectly happy to call myself a migrant if someone has a hissy fit about it.

But, I recently posted somewhere that I wish I was a proper migrant and had access to things like the state pension I pay into like everyone else, and I wish I could take some time away from work.

At the moment, Covid-19 has closed the offices that are making my new visa, so it looks like I could have to leave this country in a few weeks after 11 years here. My vehicles, apartment, girlfriend, and a decade of possessions bye bye because of a closed office. I haven't been in my home country for those 11 years.

I will continue to call myself an expat (I'm not even British), because frankly, the world of shit I'm in right now because of not being an actual migrant with rights deserves a different name. If anyone has a problem with me using the word that most accurately describes how completely at the mercy of agencies and officials my life is, they can go fuck themselves.

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