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Okay wow so many ridiculous assumptions from you.

The CAP is seriously flawed, but nations subsidise their farming industries to prevent themselves being entirely reliant on other nations just to eat. This is normal. The UK did it before we joined the EU. The US does it. Virtually all countries do it. The pandemic has proven we can't just let the market outsource key industries out to China and hope no crises happen.

This still isnt a good reason to support subsidies. The pandemic has shown we can't rely on one country for a tonne of our manufacturing - China. For food we're so diversified it's not an issue.

Let's end the waste of money CAP and let the free market decide which farms should continue or not.

This is the real thing on your list, and its just so tiresome to see.

I don't see why this is a problem. I personally have no problem with immigration and appreciate it helps top up our poor birth rates. However I don't see why we should prioritise EU immigration over any other country. We should be attracting the best of the best. We do however have limited resources like housing so we can't afford to let in unlimited immigration. Every EU citizen we let in is potentially 1 less none EU. Let's have fairer immigration system .

Why? Should England not fund things in Wales or Northern Ireland or Scotland either then? Should every county in England fund themselves? Let me guess, you're against all overseas aid too?

Now you're being deliberately obtuse. Wales, NI and Scotland are part of our country. It's not at all comparable to the EU.

The UK government has unaccountable parts too. The house of lords. The monarch. Some cabinet members. Oh but thats non-undemocratic I'm sure. We'll just ignore the fact that in the UK a minority of voters pick the majority of seats and deliver an 'elective dictatorship' for multiple years.

Ah you're reaching for whataboutism here and making more irrelevant assumptions. We're discussing the EU here, not the UK. However seeing as you have brought it up I would choose to scrap the house of lords and the monarchy - because they're undemocratic.

Oh wow you should check the salaries of the UK cabinet ministers, MPs and the Lords.

Oh more whataboutism. This is irrelevant.

The EU is the most free trading bloc or country on the planet. It has more free trade agreements and the least tariffs thus with countries than any other country or bloc. You've been lied to or are lying on purpose.

Having free trade agreements does not make it anti protectionist. The EU is protectionist. You want proof? Oh look! the EU has levied import duties on oranges to protect Spain

Oh I guess the US is stupid too for having them as well? What about the fact that the UK government wants to keep them after Brexit? Oh, still stupid?

Whilst Im not a fan of GI's I concede it's a part of the world we live in. This wasn't a concern for me voting leave but it is a gripe I have.

The UK never bailed out the eurozone and was (and remains) protected in law against any future eurozone bailout. You were lied to or are lying.

Wait, what's that? You're ill informed? Colour me surprised

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