Brian Hoffman: "It’s hilarious that all it took to get maximalists triggered was Andreas to attend #ETHDenver"

I know people like him, but he's a scammer. He has been scamming BTC supporters for years, and I'm glad they got scammed. People need to learn how these scammers work.

I really do enjoy watching BTC supporters pay him a million dollar bonus "for his children", only for him to move on to Ethereum the following year - it's really awesome. Reminds me of Afri, the ETH maintainer who took $5 Mil from the ETH fund and now promotes Polkadot. People need to learn these 'leaders of decentralization' can't be trusted. It's absolutely foolish to fall for these shills.

Decentralization is a process, a system. Andreas is a greedy individual. Afri is a greed individual. Never fall for these scammers, BCH, and be happy that Roger Ver isn't begging for donations each and every week 'for his children'.

Avoid these nebulous charities, and instead pay people for good work - trade and support capitalism. No need for the microcosm communist who claim to represent BTC or ETH.

Even Roger Ver, for all his faults, has never claimed ownership of BCH. He defaults to the community and others. He takes a backseat. That is leadership, not becoming a centralized dictator for the 'decentralization community'.

Young people are sheepish, they need to learn through pain. I'm really happy Andreas took their money and used it to make himself more money pivoting to ETH. I will enjoy the ETH supporters getting scammed by Afri, Andreas, Taylor, and all other who have joined the Decentralized Decisions Committee. It's a pleasure watching obnoxious slaves getting slaughtered by their own masters; feels good :)

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