Brian Urlacher criticizes NBA players boycott on Instagram

Dude. I'm not against stricter gun laws by any means, so not sure why you're being adversarial or assuming my position in the first place. All I said is that he already illegally possessed the rifle in the first place, which is correct - in Illinois, where he resides, you must be 21+ to possess a firearm. That is the age requirement to have a FOID (Firearm Owner ID), which is required to purchase or possess a firearm. See 430 Ill. Comp. Stat. 65/2(a)(1), 65/4(a)(2)(i). Children may use firearms that are purchased and possessed by their parents legally with supervision. His mother dropped him off across state lines. He was not supervised. Therefore, he was already violating the laws of his home state. Additionally, in Wisconsin, the minimum age to possess a firearm is 18. He's 17. So anyway you cut it, he was already breaking the law by having this firearm and being allowed to carry it without parental supervision. We can also assume the gun was purchased for him as it's doubtful the mother has any intent to use it herself, but that's just an assumption. However, the likelihood is high that it was straw purchased for him by his mother or another party that's of age. So again, already violating laws. While I agree stricter laws are needed, in this specific case, the laws that exist were already being violated without a care. So, better enforcement of the existing laws is also needed.

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