Brian Williams

Oh, how sweet of you. Something tells me you are a real peach to debate with. Calm your tits, cunt.

I should have clarified. There seems to be a grey area regarding this whole deal. As you can imagine, there are people in both camps trying to figure out whether she broke any laws or not. There are good points on both ends.

While you may be partly correct, the spirit of the law—is less than convincing. At best, Clinton failed to go the extra mile to make sure her emails were part of the official record; at worst, she intentionally sought out a legal gray area from which to do her business. Here is the Federal Records Act, passed in 1950: The head of each Federal agency shall make and preserve records containing adequate and proper documentation of the organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, and essential transactions of the agency and designed to furnish the information necessary to protect the legal and financial rights of the Government and of persons directly affected by the agency’s activities. (44 U.S. Code § 3101) source

the question would seem to be: Are emails records? The answer is obvious — and was so long before Hillary Clinton took over at Foggy Bottom. Here is the State Department’s own treatment of the question from 1995: Another important modern improvement is the ease of communication now afforded to the Department world-wide through the use of E-mail. . . . All employees must be aware that some of the variety of the messages being exchanged on E-mail are important to the Department and must be preserved; such messages are considered Federal records under the law. (5 FAM [Foreign Affairs Manual] 443.1) In fact, step-by-step guidance was being offered to employees two decades ago about how to preserve email records. So if Clinton failed to follow procedures, it was not for lack of available instruction on the subject.

Also, you seem to be extremely partisan, as you assume so much about me. I am no conservative and I do not watch F.N. What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you just now getting into politics?? It's a major turn off to engage with people this way. It is very immature. Whether I am wrong or not, you need to be a little more civil. And grown up.

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