Brickset goes in on 75098: UCS Assault on Hoth

If this was solely an Echo Base set, then it should be nothing but the base itself. It would have the outer wall, maybe a turret, and the rest of the set is interior. "Assault on Hoth" has far too much interior going on to deserve that name.

I think this would have worked out much better if it started as a large basic playset with the ability to modularly add on other sets as they are produced.

Perhaps a snowspeeder and small hanger that attaches inside the base with a few technic pins. Then another small set that has a few tauntauns, a feeder section, a few riders and maybe that mini transport and other related stuff. Perhaps a real ‘command center’ set with Leia and other main characters and maybe a medical/bacta station, and a corridor or two that also connects.

The large Ion cannon looks cool as is, but it uses far too many parts. The dome parts from the planet series 1 Death Star could have made it look much better/spherical and saved the part count. Even if it would lose the ability to shoot it would at least look better. The Ion cannon has little to do with the assault anyway; it was only used at the tail end of the scene as a defense weapon for the escaping ships. It would make more sense if they included it with a transport ship as a separate set.

The power generator would make far more sense if it were also included in a different set. Specifically, an AT-AT. Yes, it is technically part of the Hoth base, but it was only seen briefly in the movie. Like the Ion cannon, it pairs better with an AT-AT than anything else since it is never attacked by any other vehicle or troops.

The speeder bikes are not part of the Hoth scene, but the imperials do need more than just ground troops. Since most Imperial vehicles use lots of parts, I would rather see a few small AT-DP or AT-RT’s. Those may be somewhat less timeline accurate, but match up to walkers better than speeder bikes.

The Wampa is has nothing to do with the Imperial assault so it feels heavily tacked on.

I hate when someone brings up the argument about how there are so many minifigures in a set so of course it is a better value. More figures =/= better. I see only 2 Imperial troops. Not much of an assault there. If anything it should be the other way around with far more imperials than rebels.

As a set called "Assault on Hoth" then I would expect more stuff dealing with actual fighting. I can think of so many different ways Lego could have tackled this and made it a playset while still making it look very displayable like the Ewok Village. So very disappointed.

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