A bride and groom are livid that we moved their honeymoon fund box off our bar and onto a separate table.

This will be downvoted, but no, you shouldn't have moved the box.

  • A) The bride and groom dropped TEN THOUSAND dollars on the bar? And your company only provided two people to service a $10k bar tab. That sounds insane to me, and as the "customer" I'd be pissed at that right away.

  • B) If you're getting 15% of $10k that's $1500. 60% of that is $900. That's $450 per person for about 3 hours of work. More than generous compensation if you ask me.

I’m sorry but honeymoon fund boxes are tacky!

Sounds like this whole situation is only an issue becasue you have a bad taste in your mouth over Honeymoon fund boxes. Who cares? If the couple dropped $10k on the bar alone, god knows how much their wedding cost at your venue. I think they have the right to do whatever they damn well please with the Honeymoon Fund Box.

we ended up putting it on a table close to the bar but not on the bar. I only saw one person walk over and put a $20 in their box.

If you put a honeymoon box in the corner away from the guests, of course people aren't going to see it.

She came into work and mentioned it to our boss who said “it’s a policy that any sort of honeymoon fund or anything to do with money giving is not allowed to be associated with the bar because in the past people have accused the bartenders of taking money”.

Bullshit. How could a bartender possibly take money out of a box with no opening, and that's sitting in plain view in the most visited area of the wedding? I call BS on that.

Sounds to me like you and your coworker are getting paid $450 a piece for 2-3 hours of easy work (pouring drinks) and you wanted some extra cash tips. When the tip jar filled up (and after the groom is already paying you $450 for the night) he got mad because he thinks the cash would've gone into the honeymoon fund, which it would have, had you not moved it.

He's in the wrong for yelling at you, but you're in the wrong for making decisions for a wedding you only serve drinks at. An expensive one at that.

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