Bridesmaid dress has boning that pushes my boobs out from underneath

Ok, this is MY experience, and not indicative of anything regarding the dress or what it was designed for, really. I don't see why anyone would think a dress designer was out to get me or anyone, really, so not sure where that came from at all, though I am sure my tired brain just isn't seeing whatever portion of my comment led you to that erroneous assumption.

I did, in fact, mention an itty bitty titty committee bride. If she happened to also be president of IBTC, I never knew it. People who never had to think hm will that hold my boob at all one, and two, will it actually hold them up usually never have the slightest wiff of a concern when picking out their bridesmaid's dresses. They're not out to get anyone, they just don't know because how can they, really? So in this case, also not implying anyone is out to get anyone. Just commenting those who never had to worry never know there is any reason to worry.

I have also had the experience of ibtc then sister-in-law deciding she had to have her sister-in-law as a bridesmaid because my then father-in-law insisted. She also had a group of IBTC friends who adored the cheap sale strapless bridesmaid dresses at some no name Asian knock off wedding supply shop. They felt the slight wire boning made them look bustier. They all thought it was fall on the floor laughing hilarious how the dress looked on me. And then I was told no one cared it was a problem for me, but I'd better be presentable at the wedding. Hence me buying two of the dresses and having my friend who makes and sells beautiful steal boned corsets remake me an entire dress out of the fabric that would actually support my boobs.

I also don't particularly think anyone in the second instance was "out to get me". They just wanted to wear something that made them wear posh which was in their college student budget, and me having to be a part of the mix was a necessary evil of the situation. I bear them no ill will. I do think it was a bit rude, however. That is why I chose to assume OP's situation was simply an IBTC bride with no inkling there could possibly be any issue.

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