Brie Larson meets Stan Lee.

using her platform

The point I’m trying to make is that the general audience has no control over who interviews who over what. To get up and make her speech about this great thing she’s doing doesn’t actually accomplish anything. The best thing that can be done is to band together with other actors and have them all insist together on making things better. When working together with others to change the industry she could be seen as a leader and motivator, while doing it alone (or speaking about it as a personal accomplishment/mission) it just comes off as a “look at me” gesture. This is evidenced by the massive backlash we are already discussing. Her approach came off to a lot of people as cocky and self-important. This is why I call it virtue-signaling.

Regarding that interview, I’m not alone in feeling that the “ribbing” really was adversarial. Especially (but not only) the throwaway line “it feels like we’ve been fighting all day.”

At the end of the day it really could just be that she’s bad at interviewing, but the general attitude and persona she adopts during said interviews and on Twitter is off-putting.

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