Bring Me The Horizon - Post Human: Survival Horror

I loved the heavy stuff when they were doing that, wasn't huge into TTS, but thought "amo" was an absolute masterpiece. They really showed that they could keep their characteristic aggression, emotion, and theatrics while playing with different textures and genres. "Music to Listen To" was really cool too, nice trippy music with a BMTH twist, who needs blast beats and breakdowns anymore?

Well, turns out, I did. We all did. I feel like this EP perfectly encapsulates the anxiety, frustration, and collective trauma we've all faced over the past few months/years as society has begun to implode. It's aggressive, political, retains experimentalism, and rocks my shit in all the right ways. I just wish the remaster for Ludens was part of the digital package, the mix sits very weirdly in the album so I've honestly been skipping it, but holy shit color me impressed overall

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