Why bring politics into this?

SJWs video games are so racist/sexist. Me "Developers are probably not racist or sexist at least 60% of people aren't(yes that's a guess about USA racism in some form is actually more common in other places like the middle east or Africa). They probably just make video game the way they want and listen to the people who complain about gameplay(sometimes) not other complaints. Not being included isn't racist the developer is making a video game not a manifesto most likely it isn't a plan to hurt you. It's just making a video game. Being a massive game developer doesn't mean they have to make games in particular way even if people will buy games who want see their skin tone or hair in the game. A racist can make a video game, but most good video games are actually not made by racists. At least I'm pretty sure. And hey a racist can made a video game that doesn't even show their racism too.

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