Bringing back old weapons with the same rolls makes sunsetting pointless

22 weapons for this season

No, There are 36 weapons in this season.

6 of them are brand new, exactly like in the last season, but two less than in the Dawn, and 4 more than in the Undying...

14 of them are reprised weapons from Y1; and Bungie reprise bunch of Y1 weapons every season since Forsaken release.

And 16 are sunsetted/re-issued, like Gnawing Hanger and etc.

They are literally reselling us back our guns

No. What they do is shitty, but they don't RESELL any of these re-issued weapons. Any Free-to-play player can get them without buying season.

The seraph shotgun you grinded for in Season of the Worthy will be sunset next spring, but the exact same Seraph Shotgun you get this season will be sunset 1 season after that, even though they are the same exact gun!

Again - No. Season exclusive weapons from the past seasons (Like this Seraph Shogun) are still locked in 1060 when you get them in this season. Which actually makes another reason for criticism: what's the point to give us weapons from the season of Undying if they will be sunsetted in the next season.

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