Britain Elects on Twitter:"The level of immigration into Britain over the last ten years has been... Too high: 70% Too low: 2% About right: 20% (YouGov / 24 - 25 Aug)"

I'm not going to downvote you because it's against the spirit of this sub, but I strongly strongly disagree with you.

Having no borders at all is extremely dangerous when a large part of this world has yet to develop into a modern civilisation: democracy, education, law.

Those things are vital to creating a functional society but the sad truth is that many places don't have any of that. One example would be Somalia, a war-torn hellhole with a culture vastly different to ours.

You've seen what happens when you invite people from underdeveloped nations into ours before they're ready: you get the huge increase in crime as seen in places like London (example: Shadwell), and the chaos that is occurring in Northern or Midland cities where young teenage girls are sexually abused.

In addition, Germany now has massive problems with extremism that simply wasn't there before. Not since Merkel invited everyone to come, despite her own admittance that multiculturalism was a failure.

Combine the above with the Green Party policy of Basic Income and you have the failure of a nation, essentially. Open borders are a very very bad idea.

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