Britain ready to allow import of chlorinated chicken from US - 'Dual tariff' regime would see different levels of duty on imported foods, depending on whether they comply with UK welfare standards


a) that'd get negotiated away in a FTA with the US so I don't really see the point in having a weird dual tariff system.

b) strong argument that this is not WTO compliant but the WTO is fucked at the moment so whatever.

c) how difficult is it going to be to check with compliance to UK welfare standards. Just that on its own will probably make imports non-viable.

d) This will completely screw people exporting to the EU as at least if we kept welfare standards high and blocked imports that didn't follow it would then be easier (still not easy however) to export products made using those imports to the EU.

e) If we can import anything but just have to pay a bit more then the government really need to keep on top of the tariffs that they are applying.

Just my initial thoughts.

Interesting idea but I just don't exactly know what they're trying to achieve.

If they are trying to price non-compliant products from the market then why not just do that as we currently are. Admittedly this is probably not WTO compliant but we are sovereign so... Allowing non-compliant products onto the market but at a higher cost just introduces more problems down the line and is still not WTO compliant in a more problematic way that guarantees many countries will start retaliating (and also guarantees fights over whether tariff A or tariff B is applicable just the sort of fun that importers like dealing with).

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