British Airways could face massive bill over global IT meltdown with delays set to continue - Thousands of delayed passengers could be eligible to claim compensation under EU law - BA has said it believes the systems failure was caused by a power supply issue

Had a company that makes tamper proof plaques for some sort of medical use. They came in with a list of their technology requirements. The boss gave them a quote with everything proper and suited to their needs. They literally laughed at the price and went on to buy 10 refurbished machines running software firewalls because they'd been told those are just as good as a proper hardware firewall. A few months later they came in with their "server" because the shop they bought it from could not remove a virus. Instead of browsing porn on their "workstations" they browsed porn on their "server" and by browsed I mean downloaded weird porn from weird places and the machine's contents were being uploaded.

But hey at least they saved $10,000 by losing all those "tamper proof" plaques! The real problem is that governments and professional organizations don't levy proper penalties for this shit. Those guy's lost all that data and I'm sure they never told their clients so they didn't actually suffer for their idiotic choices.

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