British military aircraft rapidly supplying weapons to Ukraine

You can be as pro-peace and pro-talk as much as you want, you'll just be labeled unrealistic if you suggest those are the best options, such as 2014.

What has changed between now and April this year when Russia had 100k+ troops on Ukraine's border? Back then the English speaking press didn't write nonstop about an upcoming "major European war" as many put it now. Nothing in 2018 or 1016 either when the estimates went up to at least 80k Russian troops at Ukraine's border or any of the other times there was a significant presence.

Germany can attempt to bring peace as much as they wish, NATO and the EU offer nothing to Russia other than peace if Russia do nothing. That's all that's on the table, Russia or rather Putin needs more than that and it's not something he'll get.

There's an almost limitless number of options to bribe the Russians (more specifically Putin) into inaction. What do you think they are doing in the Normandy format? Holding hands and hugging? They are offering assets to Putin in order for him to fuck off from the border for another 2-3 years before it happens again. It's shitty but what is your oh so realistic alternative? Fast tracking Ukraine into NATO and risking nuclear war in Europe? I really don't understand what the current agenda on your general side is anymore.

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