Briton wins Apple Watch court case over cracked screen

Thank you for this beautiful gift for me to dismantle.

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If your description/interpretation of the Sale of Goods Act is accurate, that's fucking insane. I do apologise – the 1979 Sale of Goods Act was replaced in 2015 by the Consumer Rights Act. That link will give you an easy to digest summary as to what the Act covers. Although I agree, buying something that needs to be fit for purpose and as advertised is insane.

I love how you say the crack just "appeared".

I was paraphrasing for brevity. Good use of scare quotes, though.

It doesn't matter how long you've had the device, if it is hit with enough force, it will crack.

Thanks for the patronising explanation of physics.

If you physically damage a device you purchase, the manufacturer should not be on the hook because you've only had it two weeks.

He might be prone to "knocking things about a bit" (as quoted in the article), but his case showed he didn't hit it with enough force to crack the screen like that. What that evidence was, I don't know.

Warranties cover "defects and issues of workmanship," but there is absolutely no proof that was the case here

Wrong. His case showed that. The judge agreed. What that proof/ evidence was isn't given in the article. At the very least I would assume the watch was examined by everybody involved.

(he even had it for 10 days before he noticed the issue).

Wrong again. Are you seriously suggesting he didn't notice the crack for 10 days? The watch was fine for 10 days, then the crack appeared (by force or defect or whichever manner).

Edit: I think you just edited your post to add a link

Things happen in threes! No, I didn't edit the post. The timestamp doesn't show it's been edited – you can see for yourself. If you missed the link the first time around, try paying attention next time.

found this quote from the new article which is hilarious:

You're choosing to ignore the possibility he may actually have been telling the truth. Heaven forfend.

Differing opinions are great, but not when as ignorant, reactionary and ill-informed as these.

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