Why do Brits have such a problem with Travellers?

It sounds like you are in the absolute minority of Travellers - if the vast majority behaved like you then I'm sure most people wouldn't have too much of a problem.

However, as the comments attest, it's clearly not the case and almost all encounters. We had Gypsies move onto our local park a couple weeks back; they broke the lock to get on there in the first place, vandalised some nearby private property and cars, and it took 5-6 days to clear them out. Most of the community had to avoid the park over that time to avoid trouble. Apparently as soon as they were moved on they just went onto another public, council owned place a few miles down. People who behave like this are a plage, regardless of what race they are - it's disgraceful and those they affect shouldn't have to put up with the intimidation, vandalism, violence, and theft that follows in their wake.

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