Broadbent Institute raises new questions about CRA’s auditing of charities

Except you've provided literally zero evidence, proof, or even objective comment supporting such assertions.

It's really simple:

There is either a massive conspiracy that involves a Minister breaching ethics rules and dozens of CRA employees violating their code of conduct to benefit the CRA, where dozens of CRA employees that are members of the AFS group of PIPSC are aware of such scandalous and offensive actions that could get a Minister resigning yet being unable to leak literally any documents to suggest this is the case when other groups of PIPSC have repeatedly leaked protected information to attack the CPC over things as simple as censorship of scientists. But, again, suddenly when it is a massive scandal that would result in a Minister resignation and the CPC looking absolutely horrible in the eye of the public, that same union that has repeatedly leaked information damaging to the CPC has been unable to leak anything that would encourage further action taken by anyone including the Auditor General or Ethics Commissioner or anything that would in any way support a conspiracy is taking place.

Or, some right-wing organizations were tipped off by the CPC that the CPC would be increasing funding to the audit section of the CRA in regards to charities and so those right-wing organizations provided multiple complaints to the CRA (to which the CRA receives thousands of various types of tips/complaints every year) and the CRA continued its normal lacklustre screening process that relies on those complaints/tips. All while, left-wing organizations continue to complain about audits of charities despite not knowing every charity under audit and not knowing how the audits were picked...but don't worry, every single time one of them repeats the same baseless accusations, partisan hacks like yourself will repeat them as fact over and over while providing literally no proof of anything.

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