Broke up two weeks ago...she's getting married? [M21, F26]

I have been where you are. I was married 8 years, when it was over , I was emotionally zero and just wanted to die. Over time. I slowly rebuilt my life. I tried a bunch of things. But mostly time. You need perspective.

Know that what you are going through is normal. It happened to everyone you ever met. Everyone has gotten their heart curb stomped. I am sorry.

Just treat yourself kindly. Treat yourself like someone who is worthwhile to be taken care of.

Kinda 1000 mile this shit out. Where you are actually too close to the problem.

Its only been two weeks. I hate to say, this is going to suck for awhile.

Reach out to people and know others have been where you are. Its awful. But I want you to know eventually you will get better.

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