Broke up with My [24M] girlfriend [24F] cause she might have a STD...?

That’s not the point. The photographing of her private medication and googling it is absolutely disgusting. Please never ever ever ever do that to anyone ever again. It’s absolutely awful. I cannot stress this enough. A huge red flag like the other commenter said. No she doesn’t need to disclose that she might have once had an initial herpes outvbreak many years ago because she is highly likely to transmit anything to you unless she has an active outbreak. And she doesn’t. It’s a bit like kissing someone with a cold sore (same virus). If you had an active cold sore on your face, we wouldn’t kiss. But if you had one when you were 7, and never again since, you wouldn’t disclose it to me as an issue! It’s EXACTLY the same sodding virus!!! Just a different strain that affects a different area. Yes you were wrong to break up with her. She has done nothing wrong.

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