Brokers and shareholders: keep in mind that the voting numbers will be based on Apr 15th ownership. By 6/9 there will be close to TWO FULL MONTHS OF BUYING AND HOLDING THAT WILL NOT BE ACCOUNTED FOR.

I only have 1 measly share but was able to convince my roommate to jump on board and she joined as a XX holder. My brother soon followed with a couple and another friend bought a couple.

For myself alone, in this time, I've brought 3 more people into the foray. Could be more who have listened in passing but haven't said anything, who knows? My point is, I got my share just in time to be able to vote. This means for my vote, there is 3 more unaccounted for. I'm sure quite a fair number of us have brought people in after April. Imagine how many people have joined in the last week alone from the frenzy of GME nearly doubling in value that fast?

Hedges r fuk.

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