Bromazepam- Lexotan

Anyone here have some experience with it?

Some say its the dream benzo, while others say its just about as good as 0.5 alprazolam..

I've never tried it (beside now... my ex fav. being xanax) and i ate 21mg of Lexotan last night and it barely made me feel anything at all, i even smoked weed during and i don't smoke weed unless its done properly and perfect, removing all the downsides and paranoia if it) here is my bong;

I'm definitely an anxiety patient who gains euphoria from anxiolytic properties like alprazolam compared to other bensoz but after testing bromazepam i didn't really feel a thing... can't say whether i was reduced in anexiety or stress due to my night's settings but i felt no high, at all...

...Am i expecting to much from benzos while being a severe benzo addict with SSRI it feels like nothing more but an MDMA scattered throughout the whole day without the virgin alike feeling, for 3 hours as opposed to 24.

Before i cared about or used all of this pharmaceutical stuff i solely did Weed and Mdma, before i knew it i was using benzos to fall asleep, release joint tension, stress and to fall asleep, before a whole day had passed, xanax was literally my dream while clonazepam made me continue with my day but in a black out zombie mode (as in not asleep, just going on as usual.... droooling) as a retard (i actually crashed my car twice on rivotril)

... so my question is, is there any benzo out there that you can use like a fucking cigarette? as in a substance that just smacks you in the face and keeps you normal and balanced from after you come home from work and until you go to sleep ?

I love and i hate benzos, but i definitely hate the fact that if you want one of them you have to be on them... permanently, that's something i don't want, is there anyone of you users who can help me you?

Also, marry Christmas, if you giveashit.

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